Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Important things to know about COVID associated Mucormycosis

World is absolutely tottering from last couple of years. India with a population more than 139 crores is absolutely getting into devastating stage where from last 15 days daily cases of the country surpassing 3 lakhs a day. A little glimmer of hope starting falling on the land of India as cases have come down in few of the states where there was absolute rampage of the pandemic before 2nd week of May.   

But, end of one chapter is slowly opening another. Few of the patients recovered from COVID19 is getting infected by Mucormycosis which is commonly called as Black fungus.

Causative agent

Black fungus caused posted COVID infection known as Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Associated Mucormycosis (CAM) is caused by Fungi of family Aspergillus Species mucor .

How it infect

Aspergillus are the opportunistic pathogens in humans which infects only if immune system of a person is weak by any means. COVID19 is treated using remdesivir which is a antiviral medication which stops the replication of virus.

For the patients requiring ventilator support Glucocorticoids known as dexamethasone is given to recover fast and to increase mortality of the patient.  These Glucocorticoids affect the immunity making way for Aspergillus mucor to infect patients recovered from COVID19.

Who are susceptible to Mucoromycosis

  • ·         Patients who are administered with dexamethasone
  • ·         Patients with long-standing diabetes mellitus
  • ·         Patients with progressive breathlessness of three days duration.
  • ·         Patients with Kidney and Heart problems
  • ·         Hyper and Hypotension patients


  • Si    Sinusitis ( Layman in India call it Sinus)
  • ·         Bloody or blackish mucus emission from the nose
  • ·         Pain on only one side of the face, cheekbones,
  • ·         Lack of sensation on one side of the face
  • ·         Blackish discoloration on the bridge of the nose
  • ·         Pain  in teeth, jawbone, degrading of tooth structures
  • ·         Blurred vision
  • ·         Pain in eyes

 Severe complications may lead to damage to vision and can also cause death.


Personal Hygiene:

Personal Hygiene is the most effective preventive measure against any fungal infections. Mucormycosis can also be prevented by following effective personal hygiene methods.

·        Wearing mask and face shields while getting out of your home.

·         Avoiding exposing to dust particles.

·         Covering your body completely.

And the Best preventive measure is to prevent COVID19.

·         Wear Mask

·         Maintain social distance

·         Use Sanitizers

·         Stay Home( As much as possible) Stay Safe